What’s happening:

Here is what’s happening: 

  • I published few pictures from deeply inspiring trip to Vietnam. All of them are in Black & White. There is a certain reason for that. You can read more about my reasoning here. 
  • Vietnam pictures are not of a standard 16:9 ratio. I am experimenting a bit with different standards. Let me know what you think about that!
  • All Cuba links but Havana, will redirect you to Morocco. 

old news:

  • I finally made my own logo. Really proud. Like a kid who tied up his own laces for the first time.
  • Moroccan trip part 1, has been published. Can you find all the cats on the pictures?!
  • I came across very interesting people on Instagram, I would love to have the time to integrate more.
  • I am saving pocket money to swap my entry level lens and buy something decent for the Vietnam trip in February ’18
  • All Cuba links but Havana, will redirect you to Marocco.
  • I will be reorganizing this blog from scratch.
  • Instead of using my previous premium WordPress template I want to show you that pretty decent travel blog can be created without spending too much money on it. (Rest can be wisely spend on a plane ticket… new lens… , right?)
  • I would like to create tutorials for you at some point showing the technical aspect of configuring cheap server with WordPress.  Currently I am paying less than $3/month to host this and business websites together.
  • I am yet to write about my Cuba adventure. Started and never took the time to finish it. I am already making decent progress on Moroccan trip. (Part of my pictures from Cuba were lost, I will have to recover them at some point.)


I have an important exam coming in the beginning of December, but I will try to have the ball rolling prior to that. I will be re-sitting the exam in March’18. …


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