Cuba: Havana, March 2017

Should we get tickets to Vietnam? Flights to Cuba went up recently. Yes. Maybe. Why not… but we didn’t.
After a while. Cuba tickets went down! Are we booking? Yes!
Next day the whole world knew. Every news station in the world was broadcasting the fact that Fidel Castro died. Ouch!

That’s how it started.

The tickets for 2 weeks starting late February 2017 were bought in December 2016. From this time onward Pola has been heavily doing all the research & reading about Cuba. She spent countless hours investigation our next destination. Real dedective! You know the fancy google searches about traveling to Cuba, visiting Cuba, Havana, Trinidad, places to see & differences between Cohiba and Romeo y Julieta. I wasn’t that dedicated at the time. I found out about vaccines, currency, transport in Cuba & got a list of very few things I wanted to see. I though I could always ask locals about the rest! We created a list of locations to stay. Decided on a number of nights in each location. Booked the stays via AirBnB.

In reality, it took a while to agree. Soon arrived day 0. I finished draft about 10pm, did some last minute shopping on the way home and packed my luggage. All this by only 3am.

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