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Here is what’s happening: 

  • I published few pictures from deeply inspiring trip to Vietnam. All of them are in Black & White. There is a certain reason for that. You can read more about my reasoning here. 
  • Vietnam pictures are not of a standard 16:9 ratio. I am experimenting a bit with different standards. Let me know what you think about that!
  • All Cuba links but Havana, will redirect you to Morocco. 

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VIETNAM: Black & White, FEB ’18

… Fat Buddha/Happy Buddha, Lady Buddha, Pancakes, Dragons, Ancient Ruins, New Friends, Pancakes, Temples, World’s Wonders, Coconuts, Rice Wine, Sun & Pancakes
… befriending moroccan cats, chasing sun, looking for a jinn in a lamp, arguing with camels and getting high on a pot… of tea.



I got lost on the streets of Havana, Cuba. Smoked a cigar at the farm in Viniales. Taken a dip into the ocean on the beautiful Varadero beach and raved in Trinidad’s cave.

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